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A huge thank you to all of our sponsors that help make the 2019 Conference possible.

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Coaching Development

Coaching Development partners with individuals and organisations to deliver accredited coach training that can be applied to any context and profession… we offer highly experiential, face-to-face, in-depth, practice-based learning.

Whether you’re starting out and working on your skillset, working toward your coaching credential, or more experienced and working on your continuing professional development there are many programmes and workshops on offer, including specialisms such as positive psychology, team coaching, supervision and transactional analysis for coaches.

Our faculty offers a comprehensive blend of knowledge, subject matter expertise and approach. You will be supported, challenged and encouraged to get the most from our training from our venue in Islington, your own venue, or in Ireland, Lithuania, South Africa and Canada.

We are proud of our established track record in providing bespoke training and facilitation. We regularly partner with leaders and their teams, designing and delivering coach assessment processes and supporting them to develop and then strengthen the internal coaching capability of the organisation. Recent clients are Apple, Barclays, Environment Agency, Facebook, Glaxo Smith Kline, John Lewis, Munich Re and the NHS.



Firstbeat is the leading provider of advanced performance analytics for well-being and sports. We help every individual reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.

Originating from a breakthrough in a Finnish sports science research lab 20 years ago, Firstbeat is backed by decades of research. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress, fitness and recovery. Today, more than 1,000 sports teams, millions of consumers, and employees in over 40 countries trust Firstbeat to enhance performance and well-being.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a professional grade tool for health and wellness checks and has been used to coach over 300,000 individuals worldwide. Our leading physiologists have created a science-driven approach that combines data with an understanding of how people live, perform and recover, meaning Firstbeat technology is used by coaches in wellness programs run by the likes of Deliveroo and BNP Paribas to provide truly personalized data, motivate change and offer an objective ROI indicator.

We’re all individuals, and what works for some, might not work for everyone. The answer has to come from within. With the right science backing you up, you can make confident choices.

You have it in you.


The Forton Group Ltd

Founded in 2002, Forton was the first organisation accredited by the International Coach Federation – at ACTP level – for professional leadership coach development, and manager-as-coach training.

The Forton Group has grown consistently, adding Post-Graduate qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Working internationally with expert organisations in OD, L&D and HR, Forton now boasts over 100 Associates globally, and works with organisations including the UN, the Crown Estate, Pension Protection Fund and First Group.


Full Circle

Full Circle Global provides Transform TM transformational coaching and coach training programmes like no other.   Working in true partnership we help you discover who you really are and what you really want.  We are not here to tell you what to do or even how to do it. We work with you to evoke deep learning from within. We will help you gain all the necessary skills and techniques you need to achieve your goals or aspirations. Your learning will be rich and have meaning ensuring the choices you make will be sustained.

With all of our development programmes you will encounter a dual journey; the external one, leading the achievement of a goal or particular outcomes and the internal one, where you will deepen your self-awareness, gain insight and develop a greater understanding of yourself and others. 

We help people discover their potential and maximise their strengths to achieve significant success by experiencing real transformation through long term sustainable change.  

At Full Circle we firmly believe it is critical that you are trained not only in the tools and techniques of coaching, but in the art of being a coach. Our team are committed to providing a bespoke learning experience for everyone we train or coach. We take the time to get to know and understand your learning requirements, your aspirations and even those things that may hold you back.   We believe learning should be a journey of self-discovery, one that may take many twists and turns and although the outcome of the achievement is important, it’s the learning along the way that allows us truly to feel accomplished.

Whichever coach training course you choose, you are assured a programme which is both strongly experiential and rich in the demonstration of leading practices in coaching. Whether a short open coaching skills training course, or a bespoke designed programme tailored to the needs of your organisation, we will work in partnership to find the right solution for you.



HeartMath will help you and your clients to transform stress into resilience, achieve higher levels of performance and live life with more heart, health and happiness.

HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment”, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best-self to your professional, social and personal lives.

And what makes HeartMath unique is that you can practise the techniques and develop self-regulation skills by using our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Coherence biofeedback app and sensor. Coherence biofeedback gives you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state. This provides objective measurement of subjective experiences, increases self-awareness and helps you to develop the ability to self-regulate physiology, emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Including HeartMath techniques and biofeedback technology within your coaching practice will provide evidence, measurement, accountability and, most importantly, it will empower your clients to change their behaviours and create more balance in their lives.


Hult Ashridge

Ashridge provides executive education and management development through its customised and open programs, qualifications programs (MBA, MSc, Post-Graduate Certificate and Diploma, and Doctorate), organization consulting, blended learning solutions (including the market-leading Virtual Ashridge) and coaching.

Ashridge has the unique capability of being the only business school that brings together both personal and organization development. We augment this with a passion for understanding learning in the service of supporting the business imperatives/changing context in which people are being asked to lead. Experiential learning is at the heart of what we do, and is all underpinned by relevant research.


Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Integrative Enneagram Solutions offer professional coaches and organisations a powerful framework to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram focuses on self-awareness of what drives and motivates people, allowing for deeper sharing and transformation. This supports life-changing behavioural shifts for individuals, enhances relationships, increases engagement, productivity, and organisational success.

Much more than a personality profile, the Integrative Enneagram combines psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to delve deeply into the subconscious motivations, beliefs, defences, and fixed behaviour patterns that may be standing in the way of personal and professional growth. We offer a toolkit of assessments, reports and development methodologies. It is the only Enneagram report that includes detailed insights into core motivations, blind spots, strengths, challenges, fears and internal dialogue and provides targeted development recommendations.

We have a global community of over 2,000 iEQ9 Accredited Practitioners and generated more than 120,000 iEQ9 reports for corporate clients.


KC Coaching – Clarity Cards™

The Clarity Cards™ System is a diagnostic tool developed to help Coaches win individual and team coaching clients.

It can also be used to aid HR & Training Professionals to identify team coaching and training needs.

The system works quickly to give clarity to your prospective clients.  And, when they see tangible ways you can help them, they immediately want to start working with you.

It supports new and established coaches to showcase their specialism and preferred coaching methods.

Can also be used to signpost to a diagnostic tool or coaching process that you specialise in, e.g. DISC.

Karen Chambers, an ICF accredited Barefoot Coach, developed the Clarity Cards™ System to help her win team coaching business in organisations, and then discovered it also attracted individual clients.

I shared my system of gaining clients with other coaches, who I regularly meet to support each other in our coaching practices.  They were intrigued in how this worked and asked me to adapt it so they are now using it with their prospective clients.

The Clarity Cards™ System is an accumulation of 15 years’ coaching experience, and is being used by Coaches who have attended our one-day training event.



me:my™coach provides Digital Technology with Emotional Intelligence. It is an online framework for individuals to learn more about best practice coaching.

It measures the effectiveness of coaching conversations.

 me:my™coach helps individuals coach better next time.

It raises the impact and quality of your coaching.

me:my™coach Programme is approved by the International Coach Federation for Core Competency Continuing Coach Education Units (CCE Units).

me:my™coach is originated by Karen Dean who is an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach and Coach Supervisor. Karen has a 29-year track record of coaching clients from twenty-two business sectors in the UK and across the world.

Karen decided to offer her insights and knowledge to support both new and experienced coaches, by creating the online framework me:my™coach Therefore reaching a wider population of coaches who are committed to their own development. It presents an opportunity to reflect with a wise partner, beyond journaling, in a cost-effective and convenient manner.

me:my™coach licence is available online 24/7 for a year.

If you are a coach who has coach supervision it will enable you to prepare well, driving better value from the investment in supervision.

Karen has written award winning articles and co-authored the book Coaching Stories – Flowing and Falling of being a coach.



Psysoft is an occupational psychology consultancy helping organisations recruit and develop talented people. We are experts in psychometric testing and assessment and specialise in running certification workshops to train clients to use personality and emotional intelligence tools used in leadership development, coaching and recruitment.

Our training utilises a variety of delivery methods including e-learning, webinars and classroom workshops.

We provide certification training in the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 emotional intelligence tools which are used to help individuals develop self-awareness, enhance interpersonal skills and improve decision-making. We also provide a range of other development products including the Change Style Indicator, the Influence Style Indicator, the Decision Style Profile and the Entrepreneurial Edge.


Smart Habit

Smart Habit empowers high-achievers at the world’s most innovative companies to be their best every day. Our research-based workshops and coaching experiences teach people the mindset and skills necessary to achieve bold business goals without sacrificing their health, relationships, and hobbies.

Learn more at www.SmartHabit.com to see how you can help people in your organisation thrive.


StoryTagger is a mobile video learning and coaching tool that allows organisations to capture and share real value-led experiences from their people. It helps anyone reflect on key topics and skills, and self-film through a guided process. This enables coaches and trainers to focus their dedicated time where it matters with introductions, role-playing, reflection, applications of learning and feedback facilitated remotely.

Pioneering teams from EDF Energy, Verizon, Bupa and others are already using StoryTagger to extend face-to-face training, build sales capability, develop future leaders and more.

We’re proud to partner with UK ICF to support the conference.



There’s no better time to scale your business by launching a service online.  Now you can stop trading your time for money and start making a passive income.

Our technology means you can digitise your coaching, reach many more customers, add a subscription to your business, and stay ahead of your competition.

We make it easy to launch your own mobile apps and website instantly; and for over 10 times less than the cost of building bespoke.  It no longer needs to be expensive or time-consuming to launch your consultancy or course online.

SupaPass provides apps out of the box to enable you to reach more clients, to deliver your content to a community you can own directly and, if you want, to make money from subscriptions.

We also have the in-house expertise to help you launch and promote your service. We offer packages at all levels to suit you if you’re just starting out or if you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level.

Come and speak to us about how our apps can help you to scale your business, innovate, grow your audience and even negate the need for a separate website.


World Class Coaching Academy

World Class Coaching Academy is a unique, high-level and innovative 1-year executive coach training programme, teaching International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching skills and how to design and launch your own extraordinary six-figure international coaching business.

World Class Coaching Academy is accredited by the ICF as an ACSTH coach training programme, with 100 hours of coach-specific training. It’s exclusively offered by leading international coach, Dr. Nicola Bunting, Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2006 and author of ‘Who Do You Want To Be? How to Embrace Change and Live Your Dream’. This comprehensive coach training program will allow you to soar above the unqualified, struggling coaches out there. This distinctive program is designed for bright, ambitious individuals who want to develop an extraordinary life and a thriving international coaching businesses.


Come and Join Us

Reinforce your position or raise your profile as a market leader in your area of expertise by partnering with us on the Conference and Symposium.