Meet Our 2019 Conference Speakers

Dr Laura Watkins – Keynote speaker

Laura has been researching and working on personal and organisational performance for over 20 years. She holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Cambridge and an MA in Physiology and Psychology from Oxford. Her early neuroscience research looked at how the brain makes complex decisions and manages change. She then spent six years at McKinsey, including co-founding its leadership practice in Europe.

She set up The Cognitas Group in 2008 to help leaders thrive, perform, and build powerful organisations. In 2018 she launched a second online coaching business, The London Development Institute, to democratise access to leadership development. Laura’s neuroscience and psychology research and understanding is an underpinning for all her work.

09:45 – 10:45 | Brain matters: Using Neuroscience to go Beyond  

Mark Walsh – Keynote speaker

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning. He set up the training company Integration Training – the first European embodied business specialists – 11 years ago. He has taught embodiment to coaches in 50 countries, founded The Embodied Facilitator Course, The Embodiment Conference and Embodied Yoga Principles. He also made embodied work freely available online through a YouTube channel with over 11million hits and created the first online learning package of embodied training.

His qualifications include an honours degree in psychology, an aikido black-belt, residential training with various body mind masters including his mentor Paul Linden; has training in linguistics, Nonviolent Communication, body-psychotherapy, improvisation, meditation/mindfulness, dance and ten martial arts.

Past clients include Ikea, The Metropolitan Police, Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic, AXA, Shell, Newfield Coach Training, Liberty Global, Sussex University and The House of Lords. He has also worked with peace and trauma projects in Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the slums of Brazil, East Africa and with the Sierra Leone Army.

16:15 – 17:15 | Bringing Embodiment into Coaching

Nicola Arnold, PCC

Nicola Arnold (PCC, CPCC, BA (Hons), Cert Ed) is the Pharmacy Education and Development Manager responsible for the strategic planning and governance of education and training of pharmacy staff.  She has implemented an internal coaching programme within the hospital and  prides herself on the holistic approach she applies,  to harness and empower individuals to strive for excellence, maximise their potential and support the wider values of the organisation. Nicola is also a registered coach with the NHS Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Collaborative.

Nicola also runs own private coaching practice and in 2016 launched the Happy to be ME hub, an online community fostering a culture where everyone champions each other to be their authentic selves and be happy to be in their own skin. She has been nominated for three awards for supporting her online and local community in promoting creating a happy and more resilient society.

13:30 – 14:15 | Coaching in the NHS – Case Study

Neil Atkinson

Neil brings over 30 years’ experience from a successful business career to his coaching and training projects. He was formerly Director of Digital Communications & Engagement at a market-leading global business, is a qualified and experienced coach, and also leads the team coaching activities at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC).

Drawing on his first-hand experience of delivery in a high-pressure global business, he supports people in meeting the challenges of the fast-changing 21st century operating environment. At the AoEC, he focuses on how training for coaches and leaders within organisations can support teams in performing at the hightest level and add value to their organisations and stakeholders. Throughout his career Neil has developed expert knowledge of communications, digital technology and marketing, and has successfully coached clients at all levels and in many sectors.

11:15 – 12:45 | Is Team Coaching the Answer to 21st Century Organisations Biggest Challenges

Aga Kehinde

Aga Kehinde helps people who are experiencing a medical crisis, through either an acute or chronic condition. She works with patients directly as a coach, enabling them to develop awareness and clarity building flexibility to their lives. Aga also works with healthcare professionals, NHS providers, charities, and employers as a consultant and educator, teaching those who work with patients, how to communicate with compassion, and have meaningful conversations that enable and empower others.

Aga is a certified coach, EFT practitioner and NLP trainee. Aga is a registered coach with the NHS Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Collaborative.

13:30 – 14:15 | Coaching in the NHS – Case Study

Dr Paul Lawrence, PCC

After completing a PhD in Psychology, Paul embarked upon an 18 year corporate career, leading teams and businesses in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Japan. Paul is now based in Sydney, Australia, where he has been has been working as a coach and consultant since 2007. In 2015 Paul wrote the book Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management, and in 2018  co-wrote Coaching in Three Dimensions: Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World. His new book The Tao of Dialogue, is due to be published in January 2019.

Paul runs his own practice providing coaching services and coach training, and teaches coaching at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

14:15 – 15:15 | Coaching in Three Dimensions: Adapting for How Organisations Really Work

Hilary Lees

Hilary Lees is an Executive and Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer who is passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing. Prior to becoming a coach, Hilary spent 20 years working in Occupational Therapy in a variety of NHS mental health services, both as a clinician and as a leader. Her specialism in workplace mental health resulted in her developing and leading, for ten years, a service in a Psychological Therapies Service supporting people recovering from burn out, anxiety and depression. The programme also provided training to their employers, educating them in how best to support their colleagues’ mental health in the workplace.

14:15 – 15:15 | From Taboo to Me Too: Exploring an Holistic Approach to Supporting Mental Health

Karen Liebenguth

Karen Liebenguth is a certified coach, MBTI facilitator and accredited mindfulness teacher. She trained in Eco-therapy and specialises in working with individual clients, teams and groups in natural settings tapping into the beneficial impact nature has on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Karen offers tailored coaching and mindfulness programs for the workplace as well as retreat days in nature. She set up Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 to foster personal and professional development, self-leadership and mental resilience.

13:15 – 14:15 | The Coaching ‘Walkshop’

Stephanie Marshall

Stephanie is a journalist, coach and consultant specialising in clear communication, storytelling and performance. She works with teams and individuals to maximise their communication skills, presence and impact. Stephanie has edited live television news and has spent thirty years in newsrooms at both a national, regional and local level.  She has also worked as a consultant with a number of global clients – developing a series of internal communications projects designed to enhance the effectiveness of personal impact, team coaching and leadership change programmes.  As a BBC Television Editor, Stephanie was responsible for one of the country’s most successful award–winning news programmes. At the network she edited one of the BBC’s flagship news programmes.

Having also worked in radio and newspapers Stephanie has a deep and thorough knowledge of the media, story-telling and talent management.  As a senior leader Stephanie  knows from her own experience what it is like to lead complex change programmes and the importance of clear communication well delivered.  

14:15 – 15:15 | Maximising Personal Presence & Impact with Clients

Clare McGregor

Working as a consultant and coach in fields including mental health, prostitution and counter-terrorism, Clare challenges and supports people to reduce inequality and crime.

She founded a charity in a prison in 2010 that’s helped over 1,000 men, women and young people convicted or at risk of offending in our communities. The ideas behind Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO) are spreading internationally.

Clare encourages coaches to explore where else they might use their skills as well as inspiring others to explore the magic of coaching. Her revolutionary book, Coaching Behind Bars, was recommended by The Times for its “dark humour”.

11:15 – 12:45 | Could Coaching Change the World?

Beverley McMaster

Beverley McMaster is one of the handful of Master Somatic Coaches based in the UK who works predominantly with corporate clients in the domain of Leadership.  Although often hidden at the outset, she increasingly observes how past history often gets in the way of client performance.   Working somatically, with, on and through the body, she helps clients to make shifts that create the space for new behaviours and practices to take permanent hold.

11:15 – 12:45 | Sh** happens: A Broader Understanding of Trauma in the Workplace

Mark McMordie

Mark is founding CEO of The Conscious Leader and works with CEOs and leaders to create conscious, agile organisations that thrive in a VUCA world. He is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and co-author of Mindfulness for Coaches: An Experiential Guide (Routledge 2017).

Informed by vertical leadership development, Mark works with leaders to create the conditions for highly innovative, psychologically safe teams by developing the inner and outer capacities for more inclusive and inquiry-based leadership.

He is an experienced mindfulness teacher, having trained at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice and also the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, who have been delivering mindfulness training in Google for over ten years. Mark contributes to the MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change at Henley Business School and teaches the Mindfulness & Coaching Masterclass at The University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre as part of the Mindfulness in The Workplace Masterclass Series.

14:15 – 15:15 | The Power of Feeling Safe: Leaders in a VUCA World

Clare Myatt

Clare Myatt has been specialising in trauma-shame-addiction since her California licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1995. In 2000 she became one of Strozzi Institute’s first certified Master Somatic Coaches, weaving together her therapeutic-coaching style in the decades since. Known for her ability to create a safe space, she see clients in Birmingham, London and internationally via the web.

11:15 – 12:45 | Sh** happens: A Broader Understanding of Trauma in the Workplace

Moira Nangle

A member of the Systemic Team Coaching faculty at the AoEC, Moira has designed, delivered and evaluated OD interventions from Board to shop-floor level, ranging from business strategy to organisation design, new product development, talent management, culture change, and customer service. She has worked with senior teams in a coaching or consulting capacity across Europe and in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East to develop the internal capability and capacity to lead and manage change.

Formerly Director for Organisation Development (OD) at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Moira is a creative & perceptive OD practitioner who is highly experienced in culture change, branding & customer service, employee engagement, leadership and talent. Moira has qualifications in Training, Teaching, Psychotherapy, Coaching & an MSc in OD.

11:15 – 12:45 | Is Team Coaching the Answer to 21st Century Organisations Biggest Challenges

Clare Norman, PCC

Before she left to become an external coach and coach supervisor, Clare headed up development for leaders of all levels at Accenture. Her last role at Accenture was in the Employee Experience team, where she was responsible for the ethnographic research that led to user-centred technology-facilitated employee experiences, which in turn created value for the business.  She has won awards for her ground-breaking behaviour change programmes, is a prolific blogger, and has written magazine articles on coaching, action learning, coaching supervision and mentor coaching, a book, “Being a Sunbeam” and a digital book, “Seeing Beyond the Blind-spots”.

With 18 years coaching experience, Clare is a certified coach supervisor and a mentor coach for the ICF, for internal and external coaches.  Familiar with multiple designs of coaching programmes, having worked as an internal and external coach, she is particularly interested in how we can redesign what we offer to better meet the needs of our clients. 

11:15 – 12:45 | Reimagining Technology to Meet our Client’s Needs

Claire Pedrick, MCC

Claire has coached for over 10000 hours.  Her passion is to make coaching accessible to people in the workplace and she founded 3D Coaching to enable that to happen.  Everything she teaches and shares is based on the ICF core competencies of mastery and she is in demand as a teacher and a speaker as well as a coach, mentor coach and supervisor.  There is no book because Claire and her team are learning all the time, and each step of that journey is about even greater simplicity. Her current learning is about presence and partnership.

14:15 – 15:15 | The Future is More About Core Competencies than Coaching

Colin Price


Colin Price has advised many of the world’s largest corporations, several national governments, and a number of charitable institutions. His books include Accelerating Performance (with Sharon Toye of Heidrick & Struggles), Beyond Performance (with Scott Keller of McKinsey & Company), Mergers (with David Fubini of McKinsey & Company and Maurizio Zollo of INSEAD), Vertical Take-Off (with Sir Richard Evans, former chairman of British Aerospace) and Straight from the CEO (with G William Dauphinais). 

He was CEO of Heidrick Consulting (2015 – 2018), Chairman of Co Company (2013 – 2015), a rapidly growing boutique consultancy which was successfully sold to Heidrick Consulting and Senior Partner at McKinsey (1999 to 2013).

He holds degrees in economics, industrial relations and psychology, and organizational behavior. He has presented at many prestigious conferences, including the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Roundtable series. He is an associate fellow of Saïd Business School at Oxford University and a visiting professor at Imperial College London.

11:15 – 12:45 | Coaching for Organisational Performance and ROI

Liz Rochester, PCC

Liz is a freelance learning and performance improvement specialist with over 25 years’ experience in consulting, leadership development, coaching and team coaching.  Liz is an expert in driving sustainable performance improvement and large-scale cultural change programmes, with extensive experience of heading up leadership, management and organisational development programmes that have delivered exceptional results. She is a ICF UK Chapter board member, leading on team coaching, and faculty director for Heidrick’s ICF accredited  Team Accelerator Coaching programme.

A highly skilled team coach, Liz has held senior positions, focusing on operational and people development, in both consulting roles and in industry at Ford and Sky and co-founded Bluesky Performance Improvement.

Liz’s distinctive skill is her extensive experience of enabling sustainable change, working with every level in the organisation to embed growth learning cultures.  Known for her commerciality, creativity and fresh thinking in her design, she helps teams find clarity and transparency to have the conversations they need to have to accelerate performance.

11:15 – 12:45 | Coaching for Organisational Performance and ROI

Anna-Marie Watson, PCC

Anna-Marie is a certified Performance Coach with a serious passion for the outdoors who loves to accompany her clients on walking and talking coaching conversations.

Former British Army Officer, she has worked in challenging environments from snowy Arctic tundra to hot and sandy deserts.

She has been at the forefront of leadership development for over 18 years supporting high performing individuals and teams across four continents. Alongside a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Coaching from the University of Derby and Master’s in Teaching from the University of Sydney; she is Analytic-Network and mBraining accredited and eDISC and iWAM certified.

13:15 – 14:15 | The Coaching ‘Walkshop’