Dancing in the Future Programme

UK ICF’s Dancing in the Future was an opportunity to connect with coaching colleagues from around the UK and wider afield, to make new and deepen existing personal and professional relationships.

There was the opportunity to engage in crucial conversations impacting the global coaching community and take away concrete skills and learning to strengthen your coaching skills and build your business. Ultimately Dancing in the Future aimed to challenge and invigorate your current thinking on coaching and as a coach.

08:30 – 09:00
Coffee and Registration

09:15 – 09:30


Sarah Gornall, PCC, President of the UK ICF

09:30 – 10:30

Perspectives on What the Future Holds for Coaching (panel session)

Ilias Vartholomaios, CEO of OWIWI, Nicola Cairncross, Author, Speaker and Podcaster,  & Dr Simon Hayward, CEO of Cirrus

Moderated by Ginny Baillie, MCC

From their own particular perspective and focus, our diverse panel will share their views on: what the future might hold for coaching, the factors driving change in current practice and thinking and how they believe the profession of coaching will evolve. The session is highly interactive with the audience encouraged to question the panel by the moderator Ginny Baillie.

Format: Panel Debate with Q&A

Refreshment Break

11:00 – 12:00 Breakout Workshops Mid Morning – 1 Hour

1. Time for a New Era in Coaching – a Millennial View

Ilias Vartholomaios, OWIWI & Athina Dova, OWIWI

Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials have grown up in a time of rapid technological and demographic change giving them a set of priorities and expectations different from previous generations. Well educated and skilled in technology (Digital Natives), they are very self-confident, able to multi-task and have plenty of energy. Millennials also have high expectations for themselves and prefer to work in teams, rather than as individuals… however they also harbour a desperate desire for older generations to invest in them and often seek out mentorship to help them channel their focus.

To meet these expectations of Millennials, employers and coaches will need to make major adjustments in their engagement models and learn to embrace and strategically leverage technology (rather than fear it), if they are to be part of the cultivation and nurturing of Millennials, who are our future leaders.

We will explore how new technologies are impacting the future coaching environment and how it can help coaches unlock significant new business development opportunities.

Format: Interactive Presentation with Q&A

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Its Impact on the Future Coaching Profession

Rob McCargow, PwC

The development and use of Artificial Intelligence across all sectors is being driven by technological advances and commercial pressures. As with all change it brings opportunities as well as threats and challenges. How quickly we can adapt and identify the opportunities and benefits offered by these changes will depend on our awareness of them and our ability to embrace these changes in our role as coaches.

In this session Rob will explore; the potential impact of automation on the workforce and the future skills agenda; how AI is converging with other enabling technologies such as virtual reality; the scale and speed of the anticipated shifts; how business leaders should prepare; and how we might exploit the opportunities it offers for our profession.

Format: Interactive Presentation with Q&A

3. Five Steps to a Highly Profitable Coaching Business

Lisa Farr, Inspired Business Academy

One of the biggest challenges many coaches face is ensuring a continuous stream of clients and income. As a result of working with hundreds of coaches on their marketing, Lisa Farr has had an inside track in learning which are the most successful strategies for building a highly profitable coaching practice.

In this session you’ll discover exactly how to take your business to the next level and make more money without working extra hours.

What You Will Learn:

  • Fascinating research on how buyers of executive coaching actually find their coach
  • The number 1 strategy to increase your income without working extra hours
  • How to discover the true value of your coaching – and how this affects pricing
  • Top techniques to give you the biggest breakthrough in your business
  • Where the future may be taking us with marketing a coaching business

Format: Interactive Presentation with Q&A

4. Enable Command of the Future by Daring to Coach on the Past

Dr Sarah Hill

In this interactive workshop, Sarah Hill will provide a conceptual framework for doing childhood story work with leaders and facilitate an exploration of the place and purpose of exploring a leader’s childhood story.

Her premise is that every leader in the world is shaped by their formative experiences. Whether they are aware of it or not, their earliest memories are influencing the way they show up; how they interact with others and what triggers their greatest reactivity.

Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skilfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leader’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Enabling command of this story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

Format: Interactive Workshop

5. Managing Ethics in Coaching

Janet Wilson, PCC & Georgina Woudstra, MCC

The ICF prides itself on the promotion of the highest ethical professional standards in coaching and members are guided by a robust Code of Ethics. However, in these times of unprecedented change, we are increasingly facing choices and dilemmas which we have not encountered before and which may not yet be covered by the guidelines. Increasingly we see coaching being applied in new and innovative ways, including with new technologies and these too are raising new areas to consider and explore. And our clients often bring similar challenges as they consider their choices in new landscapes.

In this interactive session Janet and Georgina will offer you the opportunity to explore these new challenges in coaching and use one another as a resource to co-create ways to remain “fit for purpose”.

Format: Discussion forum and group workshop

12:10 – 12:50 Breakout Workshops Late Morning – 40 Minutes

1. Dancing with Energy: Peak Performance Coaching

Dr Nicola Bunting, MCC

Do you know how to cha cha cha?! Whether or not you love dancing, dancing with energy is the new paradigm for maximising your potential fulfilment and unique brilliance, both as a coach and as a coachee. Imagine feeling lit up with energy and inspiration, at the top of your game physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. How would dancing with energy transform your coaching? How would peak performance coaching inspire your clients to reach their own peak performance, personally and at work? This interactive session explores how you can consistently enjoy new levels of energy and inspiration, beyond our conventional definitions and typical limitations. And how crucial an ingredient this is for powerful coaching and to share with your clients in 2018 and beyond. Recent studies evidence that 45% of clients are suffering from actual or impending burnout. Most coaches and most of our clients suffer from compromised energy, with significant consequences for personal fulfilment, work performance and company/business results. It doesn’t have to be this way. Combining cutting-edge perspectives on how to reach and sustain what Csikszentmihalyi calls Flow, or dancing with energy, states in hectic and demanding times and environments (every day!), I will share how we can use our intuition, self-awareness and emotional and spiritual intelligence to create and enjoy transformative levels of energy. And how to transform our coaching skills and practice and our clients’ performance as a direct consequence. Dancing with energy is the new coaching frontier and we will explore the dance steps together in my session.

At the end of this interactive session your takeaways will include:

  • Understanding why energy management is critical for masterful coaching;
  • Assess and understand your own current energy dance more clearly;
  • Insight into the different ways physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy interact and which area you might want to start with;
  • Your own printed guides/hand-outs for your individual energy management journey.

Format: Interactive Presentation with Q&A

2.  Culture – the Invisible Barrier to Effective Coaching

Edmée Schalkx, PCC

During this interactive session we will explore how the trends and skills of the future will affect coaching in specific. More and more we are becoming a global economy but we remain local creatures. Whilst constantly criss-crossing through cultures we are becoming less aware how culture impacts our behaviour, thinking, buying, eating, job hopping, etc. Behaviour (thus culture) is still defused locally, information goes across cultures more and more and each piece of information becomes loaded with cultural information we need to be aware of to be effective coaches. During this session we will:

  • Look at trends that coaches need to be aware of
  • Explore how these trends affect people’s work, buying habits, managing, enterprising, learning
  • Pick out 2 or 3 trends and though a coaching magnifying glass we will discuss the effects on culture during coaching
  • What is culture and how it impacts coaching

Format: Interactive Presentation with Q&A

3. Continuous Professional Development: It’s all about the evidence stupid!

Prof Jonathan Passmore

In this session Jonathan will explore the importance of continuous professional development for coaches. He will argue coaches need to place greater focus on evidenced based practice and that our journey to mastery requires the coach to actively plan, engage and reflect on learning in a goal directed and purposeful process. By the end of the session participants will reflect on their own personal development and what their next steps should be in the evidenced based journey to becoming the best coach they can be.

Format: Interactive Presentation

4. Building A Powerful Personal Brand Online, Attracting The Ideal Client

Nicola Cairncross

In this interactive workshop, Nicola shares her proven “Be Everywhere Online (In Under 20 Minutes A Week)” system, which creates a powerful personal brand, makes you stand out from the crowd, attract pre-qualified clients, charge premium prices and never have to feel like you are selling again.

Nicola will share her experience and answer your questions about how you can apply the system yourself.

Format: Interactive Workshop with Q&A

5. Regulations and Data Protection

Veronica Lysaght

Are YOU ready for the GDPR changes?

New General Data Protection Regulations will come into effect just days after the 2018 UK ICF conference. Veronica will discuss the regulation and the impact this is likely to have on your business. She will also answer a number of frequently asked questions around practical aspects of what GDPR means for you.

If you have any worries or questions about GDPR then come to this session to understand the real impact for your business.

Format: Presentation with Q&A

12:50 – 14:30

13:15 – 13:45 Lunch Activities 1

1. The Coaching ‘Walkshop’

Anna-Marie Watson, ACC

Head outdoors for a breath of fresh air, stretch your legs and connect with fellow coaches along the banks of the River Thames during lunch. In this fully experiential session Anna-Marie will share her passion of coaching outdoors and provide the opportunity for you to reflect on your insights, discoveries and learnings from the morning sessions; share ideas and design future actions.

During this interactive session you will:

  • Discover the art and science of walking and talking coaching.
  • Explore the benefits of movement and connection to nature to support your coaching practice.
  • Experience walking and talking coaching.

Gentle Reminder: This session will be held outdoors so participants are kindly requested to wear appropriate footwear and clothing – it might rain!

Format: Initial brief with Q&A; then coaching conversations in pairs outdoors.

Due to high demand, this session will also be repeated at 13:50.

2. Supporting the Growth of Local ICF Groups

Steve Hancock and Karen Foy

We welcome current, past and future local group leaders and anyone interested in supporting or starting a local group.

Last year the UK ICF Board had a target to increase the number of local groups (LGs) and our members rose to the challenge with 12 new local groups. This year we would like to formalise how we can best support those groups and how they can support UK ICF to build a national network. We have a wide range of local groups, some have been operating as long as 18 years and of course our newly established ones. We would like to learn from the experience you have all gained in building and maintaining a local network and explore how we can use that knowledge to build a formal ICF network of local groups.

Karen and Steve will be joined by Hilary Oliver, immediate Past President Global ICF, to hear your views and suggestions and particularly find out:

  • What makes a local group an ICF group?
  • What do coaches seek from a local group?
  • How UK ICF can work more closely with local groups to build a local presence
  • What sort of support UK ICF can offer local groups
  • Is there an appetite for building a network of speakers for local groups

We intend to use this information to build our on-going strategy to bring the UK ICF to local areas and we will be inviting interested coaches to join a working group to make this happen.

Format: An informal focus group where UK ICF would like primarily like to hear from you. Hilary will be listening but also adding in her knowledge and ideas from her time leading the global organisation sharing what is happening around the world to make our global community more local for coaches.

3. ICF Credentialing Q&A

Sarah Gornall and Penny Shapland-Chew

Find out about the ICF Credentialing  process and have your questions answered. As our profession has grown and matured the buyers of coaching have become more knowledgeable. Having a recognised credential from the globally respected brand is becoming increasingly important to coaches. So whether you have just started on the journey to ICF Credentials at ACC level, or are looking to apply for your MCC, come to this session for the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the ICF credentialing process.

13:50-14:20 Lunch Activities 2

1. Meet The Board

ICF Board

The board invite you to meet them, hear about how we work and answer any questions you may have about the work of the UKICF. We would also welcome the opportunity to hear your feedback and suggestions for the future.

2. Building a Coaching Culture with Leaders and Managers: Current and Future Trends

Joy Harcup, PCC

When and how are leaders and managers using coaching skills in their organisations? This workshop explores the signature global research, conducted by the ICF and Human Capital Institute (HCI), into developing a coaching culture in organisations, through leaders and managers using coaching skills. It examines the business benefits of coaching cultures and the ways in which companies and leaders currently establish and support a coaching culture in organisations. It looks at the trends in training leaders and managers in coaching skills. Also discussed will be the likely future trends in this area given the rise of technology and the growing millennial work force.

Due to high demand, this session will also be repeated at 13:15.

3. ICF Foundation and Ignite Discussion

Morel Fourman

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the most ambitious human effort of the 21st Century. Success of the SDGs will shape life conditions for generations to come. The ICF Foundation (ICFF) is working in partnership with pioneering ICF chapters and coaches to bring the power of coaching to delivering the SDGs. Ignite is initially focussing on the Education SDG. Their vision is to build coaching into the approach to achieve each and all SDGs through pro-bono coaching delivered by participating chapters – because coaching works . When Ignite catches on, billions of pounds of projects funding global social progress may one day include coaching as an “impact multiplier.”

Please come to the ICFF presentation to hear more of how you can be involved with social progress in the UK through your UK ICF Chapter.

14:30 – 15:45 Breakout Workshops Early Afternoon

1. Navigating the Agile Leadership Paradox

Dr Simon Hayward, Cirrus

In the digital world how we lead and how we want to be led has changed. In this interactive session you will explore how becoming an agile leader has become the number one leadership challenge for managers in both the public, private and not for profit sectors. Agile leadership is focused on a key paradox and you will learn about this paradox and how to coach leaders in developing the mind-set and behaviours needed to lead effectively in the digital, networked society. Simon will share his research-based work in defining agile leadership characteristics suitable for creating agile ways of working in organisations large and small. He will cover:

  • The main barriers to an agile culture in the digital age
  • Connected leadership to create a purpose-led organisation able to flex in times of change
  • Disruptive leadership to challenge the status quo and recreate the organisation when needed
  • Agile ways of working to accelerate innovation and output.

Format: Interactive Workshop with Q&A

2. Let Your Partner Lead the Dance

Claire Pedrick, MCC

Developing as a coach is about becoming even braver and doing less of the work in every conversation as we move from ACC to MCC. Bringing the ICF core competencies alive through the image of a dance, Claire will share what she is learning about facilitating someone’s thinking. You’ll discover some simple and deep tweaks to apply straight away as you journey to coaching mastery.

Whether you’ve coached for 40 hours or 4000 there will be something for you that you can learn today and apply tomorrow. It’s especially useful if accreditation is your goal. Everything will be based on the ICF MCC competencies.

You’ll deepen your understanding about:

  • Co-creating the start of every conversation and getting to new learning
  • The value of using presence, tone and position and pace to create challenge and awareness
  • Where to look
  • Why ending well can enable our partner to continue the dance and get even more value over the next few days and hours after the conversation
  • Keeping the system in mind
  • Why adding value is easier than we think
  • And why we don’t talk to the wavy people

Format: Sharing insights with a demonstration, a conversation and a chance to practice

3. Team Coaching – Art or Science? Exploring the Myth

Georgina Woudstra, MCC

Team coaching is one of the fastest growing areas in the whole field of coaching. There is a great deal of focus on the science of team coaching with emphasis on theory, tools, assessments and models of team performance. In this session we will look the art of team coaching through the lense of:

  • A philosophy of team coaching
  • The role and stance of the team coach
  • Team coaching practices
  • Being a team coach

Format: Highly interactive workshop and might just change your mind about what team coaching can be!

4. Dancing to a Different Tune – Increase Your Range as a Coach

Aboodi Shabi, PCC

During this highly experiential session, you will explore how to build range as a coach, focussing on moving beyond your own preferred personal style.

We will work with four main archetypal energies (Queen/King, Lover, Warrior and Magician) and explore the benefits and challenges of each.

You’ll discover your preferred archetypes, see the benefit of stepping into less familiar archetypes and expanding your repertoire as coaches. We’ll also look at how to support clients in expanding their own range of possible ways of being by using this model.

The session will be lively and interactive, using music and dance to help you experience these energies as you move and engage with others.

During this session, you will:

  • Gain clear understanding of how these different energies can support your coaching,
  • Gain deeper understanding of your own preferred archetypes
  • Identify practices to help you develop in the less-preferred archetypes and build range and capacity.

Format: Interactive session with group exercises and discussion.

5. Discussion: Supervision and Mentor Coaching – Dancing to Different Rhythms

Edmée Schalkx, PCC & Clare Norman, PCC

In this interactive workshop Edmée and Clare will explore and discuss the different roles of Mentor Coaching and Supervision, their benefits and when you might draw on each. The workshop will include demonstrations and case studies that will bring the two approaches and their respective applications and benefits to life in a highly practical way.

Format: Discussion with demonstrations and case studies.

Refreshment Break

16:15 – 17:15

Coaching for a Better Future and Respons-able Leadership

Hetty Einzig, PCC

Coaching is at a crossroads.  We can develop sharper toolkits to support higher performance or we can see ourselves in service to transformational change and better futures – at work, in society, for the planet.

Hetty invites us to explore authenticity, re-think thinking and embrace values-led and purpose-driven coaching to partner with leaders at every level to build the collaborative capacity to navigate complexity and respond with authentic strength to the challenges our world and workplaces face.

Format: Closing Plenary

17:15 – 17:30

Reflection on the Day and Close 

Ginny Baillie, MCC

17:30 – 18:30

Drinks hosted by UK ICF Board

Join us to meet the Board and Speakers after the event. The first drink is on us! This is also the opportunity to get any books signed by our speakers.

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