Our 2018 Supporters

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors that helped make the 2018 Conference an unrivalled coaching event in the UK. Take a look below at who supported the 2018 UK ICF Conference.

Gold Sponsor

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Silver Sponsor

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Bronze Sponsor

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Academy of Executive Coaching

We have trained over 11,000 people from 75 countries and have a presence in 15 international locations offering the same consistent standards worldwide. Our years of experience in providing the highest quality accredited coach training, means that we know what makes a good coach and how to deliver great coach training.

We offer a:

  • large pool of qualified executive coaches and coach matching service
  • consultancy service for organisations looking to build a coaching culture, whether starting with the leadership team, teams, high potentials, young professionals or the training of internal coaches
  • comprehensive range of accredited coach training programmes and CPD opportunities
  • thriving Alumni network offering support to building your business if planning to be an independent coach


Coaching at Work

Coaching at Work is more than just a magazine. It is the leading coaching magazine for coaching professionals. It brings the reader independent thinking, international coverage, innovations and improvements, news and views, case studies and in-depth reports and research. The editor, Liz Hall, is an award winning journalist, a coaching professional and well respected with the coaching community.

Subscribers gain access to six printed magazines a year (and all previous issues on-line), regular online news updates, discussion threads, information, a monthly e-newsletter and access to a wealth of information and archives of all previously published articles. Subscribers can also promote their own coaching services on our coach register.

Coaching at Work works closely with the key professional bodies and is supported by a highly regarded editorial board with representatives from the main professional bodies including the ICF UK.


Executive Coach Studio

Executive Coach Studio is led by experienced and successful coach Georgina Woudstra (MCC). The company, which is based in Winchester, aims to help others in the profession with development towards excellence. We offer a range of what we believe are unique workshops and programmes to advance your coaching, one-to-one and group supervision and mentoring in support of ICF credentialing.

Our cutting edge team coaching course – Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery – is a 12-day deep learning opportunity structured into four three-day modular workshops: Team Coaching Fundamentals, Relational Team Coaching, Psychology of Teams, and Integrating Team Coaching.

Coaches who decide to develop their skills with the Executive Coach Studio share a passion for professionalism and a desire to be the best they can be for their clients.

At the Executive Coach Studio we understand what it takes to build a successful executive coaching practice. We recognise masterful coaching when we see it. It takes an extraordinary commitment to excellence, a dedication to learning, the discipline of reflective practice and the courage to be uniquely you as a coach.

Georgina Woudstra has built a thriving executive coaching practice over a career spanning more than 20 years. She specialises in coaching Chief Executives, senior board members aspiring to this role and top boardroom teams.



me:mycoach™ provides an online resource for continuing professional development

me:mycoach™ is an original idea created by Karen Dean –  MCC and Coach Supervisor

  • me:mycoach™ provides an intelligent sounding board and a space for reflecting on a client coaching conversation.
  • It is stimulating and provocative. It provides a framework to self-reflect, raising the quality and impact of coaching, a valuable contribution to continuing professional development as well as monitoring best practice.
  • me:mycoach™ offers an ICF approved CCE programme, 1.5 Core Competency CCE Units available.

We invite you to a free trial of unlimited use for seven days


Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University supports a world-class academic centre for coaching and mentoring study, providing high quality courses: ILM Level 7/Masters in Coaching & Mentoring Practice and a unique professional doctorate. Our expert team promote excellence and protect standards through cutting-edge research and teaching. The same dedication underpins our commercial services: executive/leadership coaching; coaching supervision, consultancy and evaluation.




Oxygen provides specialist insurance for Coaching Professionals at fair and reasonable prices with a top class personal service. Oxygen; Covering all elements of Coaching.


01274 760 460


Psysoft is an occupational psychology consultancy helping clients to recruit, retain and develop talented people. They are experts in psychometric testing and assessment and specialise in running certification workshops to train clients to use personality and emotional intelligence tools used in leadership development, coaching and recruitment.

Psysoft is a European distributor of the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 emotional intelligence assessments and the Pearman Personality Integrator. These products are used in coaching to help individuals develop self-awareness and to improve interpersonal skills and decision-making and to better manage stress.


The Profitable Associate

What are your strategies for building coaching businesses? What if you don’t like ‘traditional’ marketing? What if you just want to coach and not ‘sell’? Who does the £1.8bn corporate coaching revenue per annum go to?

If you’ve ever wondered about those questions for yourself, welcome to The Profitable Associate, a place to find the answers for yourself.

It’s the first programme and membership community to address this profitable and rewarding business model in the coaching industry.

Every year coaching businesses are being contracted to deliver coaching.  They need coaches to be able to fulfill on the promises they make.  This means using you, in the capacity as a coaching associate.

If you build an associate relationship that works for you and them, it’s can be the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come.  And your marketing is about looking after these relationships, not spreading yourself thin out there in the general business world.

But how do you get started, what do you need to think about, how much money can you make and how do you find the people to work with?

My name is Ginny Baillie and I created The Profitable Associate to help you answer just these questions.   The programme is to share ideas, experience, tools and resources so you can build your associate plan and the community is a place to test ideas, get reliable feedback from peers (possibly have a rant about your business!), buddy up, discussion threads, events you might want to attend and work through the programme modules – you need both.


01873 890 554

The Wisdom Tree Academy

At The Wisdom Tree Academy we believe that the future of humanity is strongly determined by the way we use technology. With our experiential online courses, we help coaches and leaders learn new skills by blending synchronous and asynchronous online teaching. We integrate augmented reality and state-of-the-art technology into our courses to humanise the way people connect, learn and create online.

All courses take place on Adobe Connect, a virtual platform perfectly fit for experiential learning. Our master facilitators and moderators take you on a journey of deep transformation – all while being in a virtual classroom with up to 20 fellow coaches and leaders from all over the world. By being immersed in this powerful experience, you learn how to deeply connect with others in an online setting. You also develop your very own cyber leadership skills with authenticity and impact.

We are accredited by the ICF as a Continuous Coach Education provider by the ICF and currently offer a variety of experiential, real-time online training programs and events, including our signature coaching mastery program “Decoding The Coaching Genome”.