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Position your business as being at the leading edge of coaching by sponsoring our our annual Conference or first tripartite Symposium. Capture the attention of coaching and learning & development professionals, which is growing every year. Raise your profile in this rapidly developing market, make contacts and develop networks with participants from the UK and overseas. Differing sponsorship levels for these two events give a varying degree of privileged access to both delegates and distinguished speakers.

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Sponsor Benefits

  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Access an influential, targeted audience
  • Raise your business profile within the industry
  • Attract the attention of corporate decision makers
  • Align your company with excellence

Conference Sponsorship

The UK ICF Conference is the largest UK event for the coaching profession and attracts over 380+ external and internal coaches from the UK and overseas, as well as learning and development and HR professionals. Seen as the Gold Standard in coaching, the ICF prides its self on delivering latest research and the highest quality professional development opportunities for the sector. Benefit from linking your brand to the Gold Standard by sponsoring this event.

Co-branding (all pages)Sole for Conference   
Business profileOwn PageOwn PageOwn PageProminent
Logo (sponsor page)Most ProminentVery ProminentProminentProminent
Recognition on UK ICF main websiteYes   
Link to your websiteYesYesYesYes
Conference emails credit & weblinkMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent 
Conference newsletter credit & linkMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent 
Newsletter article & weblinkYesYesYes 
Members newsletter credit & linkMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent 
Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter & FacebookMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent 
At Conference
‘Promo’ SlotLunchtime   
Exhibitor standMost Prominent Very ProminentProminentProminent
Event ProgrammeMost ProminentVery ProminentProminentProminent
Literature insertYes Yes Yes Yes
Delegate listYesYesYesYes
Screen creditMost ProminentVery ProminentProminentProminent
Speech mentionMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent 
Exhibitor Pass* 2222
Conference Pass**111 
Speaker/Panel Pass & Benefits***1   
Symposium Discount****YesYesYes

* Exhibitor Pass includes tea/coffee and lunch
** Conference Pass includes tea/coffee, lunch and attendance to the conference sessions
*** Speaker Pass & Benefits includes all above plus 1 night accommodation (excludes evening meal)
**** Symposium Discount available on Signature and Elite packages depending on Conference sponsorship level: Platinum 20%, Gold 12.5% and Silver 7.5%

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Sponsorship Factsheet

UK ICF Symposium Sponsorship

UK ICF Symposium “Creating a Competitive Edge through Coaching” provides sponsors a unique opportunity to stand out as a thought leader in the coaching arena.  This tripartite Symposium provides a forum for corporates and organisations, who are bringing coaching into their mainstream operations, to share their vision and how they see the coaching and training needs for the future. Raise your visibility with corporate decision makers and internal coaches providing coaching services within their organisations and be seen as being part of creating the solution.

Signature (Sole sponsor)
Co-branding (all pages)Sole for SymposiumSole for Symposium  
Business profileOwn PageOwn PageOwn PageOwn Page
Logo (sponsor page)Most ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Recognition on UK ICF main websiteYes   
Link to your websiteYesYesYesYes
Symposium emails credit & weblinkMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Symposium newsletter credit & linkMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Newsletter article & weblinkYesYesYesYes
Members newsletter credit & linkMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter & FacebookMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
At Symposium
‘Promo’ SlotPanelYes  
Event ProgrammeEditorial FeatureMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Delegate listYesYesYesYes
Screen creditMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Speech mentionMost ProminentMost ProminentVery ProminentProminent
Symposium Pass**2111
Speaker/Panel Pass & Benefits***11  

** Symposium Pass includes tea/coffee, lunch and attendance to the conference sessions
*** Speaker Pass & Benefits includes all above plus 1 night accommodation (excludes evening meal)

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