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me:my™coach provides Digital Technology with Emotional Intelligence. It is an online framework for individuals to learn more about best practice coaching. 

It measures the effectiveness of coaching conversations. 

me:my™coach helps individuals coach better next time.

It raises the impact and quality of your coaching.

me:my™coach Programme is approved by the International Coach Federation for Core Competency Continuing Coach Education Units (CCE Units).

me:my™coach is originated by Karen Dean who is an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach and Coach Supervisor. Karen has a 29-year track record of coaching clients from twenty-two business sectors in the UK and across the world.

Karen decided to offer her insights and knowledge to support both new and experienced coaches, by creating the online framework me:my™coach Therefore reaching a wider population of coaches who are committed to their own development. It presents an opportunity to reflect with a wise partner, beyond journaling, in a cost-effective and convenient manner. 

me:my™coach licence is available online 24/7 for a year. 

If you are a coach who has coach supervision it will enable you to prepare well, driving better value from the investment in supervision.

Karen has written award winning articles and co-authored the book Coaching Stories – Flowing and Falling of being a coach.