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Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Integrative Enneagram Solutions offer professional coaches and organisations a powerful framework to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram focuses on self-awareness of what drives and motivates people, allowing for deeper sharing and transformation. This supports life-changing behavioural shifts for individuals, enhances relationships, increases engagement, productivity, and organisational success.

Much more than a personality profile, the Integrative Enneagram combines psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to delve deeply into the subconscious motivations, beliefs, defences, and fixed behaviour patterns that may be standing in the way of personal and professional growth. We offer a toolkit of assessments, reports and development methodologies. It is the only Enneagram report that includes detailed insights into core motivations, blind spots, strengths, challenges, fears and internal dialogue and provides targeted development recommendations.

We have a global community of over 2,000 iEQ9 Accredited Practitioners and generated more than 120,000 iEQ9 reports for corporate clients.