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We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to step into the ‘New Reality’ at the UK ICF Conference as their platinum sponsor! We are bringing together our vision of democratizing coaching into the forefront of coaches’ lives with the tremendous connection of ICF`s ethical standard.

We believe that every individual globally should have a coach. This includes not only the CEOs of the world but, entry, middle management, and employees as well. As Europe’s leading platform we are bringing the future of coaching to the ‘New Reality’ of today with remote working and easy payment.

Our Coach Relations Team takes care of all of our coaches, working closely together in an ethical, transparent and honest manner, as well as progressing together towards growth while encouraging their long term connection with their coachee. And as the trend is moving towards digital communication, especially during this trying time, we are supporting more and more companies who are interested in investing in their employees, to strive for leadership personally and professionally.

Moreover, ICF has noticed this trend of mobile devices being used in countless circumstances, “an average of five or more hours per day” (Silvester, 2018), which has brought our collaboration to an all-time peak in the brave new world of remote working. Additionally, to the benefits of working regardless of location, whether that is from home or a different destination, there is no transportation time needed to consider. With CoachHub you just need to bring your laptop to a well lit, quiet place and open up your session with your keen coachee. And as we are all trying to become more and more eco friendly, just as the ICF announced in their ‘The Cloud is Cool’ piece – reducing our carbon footprint and going paperless is the new initiative. CoachHub adheres to these current and globally shared initiatives. What’s more, we want you, coaches, to join us in solving these issues around the new world of work. Get to know us and what we have to offer.

Who is CoachHub and what can you expect? 
  • CoachHub offers digital coaching for employees at all levels, making coaching scalable and sustainable for companies. Through our interactive video and learning platform, Coach and Coachee are matched and can flexibly conduct the Coaching Sessions on the mobile coaching platform.
  • We work across various industries and company sizes: we count i.a. Coachees from Soundcloud, Bosch Rexroth and HelloFresh to our client base, thus coaching talents around the globe.
  • Our partner companies enter long-term contracts with us, meaning that coaching is secured for a long period of time. We select Coaches based on important quality standards, professional experience and certification – we work with ICF certified coaches from all over the world so we can undertake worldwide digital coaching with the highest standards.
What does coaching with CoachHub look like for you?
  • Online Coaching: You will have access to our all-in-one web and mobile app solution which allows you to coach your Coachees via video call and set focus areas, goals, homework and appointments with them. You will not have to spend any time and money on acquisition, nor have any travel expenses, as you can comfortably work from everywhere, anytime.
  • Free of charge: Joining us means you need not pay any fees – in contrast, you will receive an hourly wage from us for each coaching session. Some of our Coaches already coach up to 15 Coachees and as we are currently growing quickly, it is a great moment for you to become a member of CoachHub. For more information about our concept please check out our website https://coachhub.io/.
  • Your ICF advantage: As a member of the ICF we are so excited to meet you and speak to you in person about more details!
  • Our Coach Relations Manager: As mentioned previously, you will get a personal contact person at CoachHub, who accompanies and supports you through all processes.
How to join the future with us?
  • We accept Coaches with a minimum of 500 Coaching hours and several years of leadership experience. Nevertheless, we also encourage Coaches with less hours to get in touch with us, so that we can support you on your journey to achieving PCC or MCC! Any eager coaches are more than welcome to join and help shape our community!

Reflective of our cooperation on this incredible event we want to give the ICF coaches of the UK a chance to jump on this adventure into the future of digital coaching!

During the Coaching Week we will be communicating a brilliant workshop where we will discuss the best ways to promote yourself in this NEW REALITY, the future!

Sources: https://coachfederation.org/blog/prepare-future-coaching Christina Vasiliadis & The CoachHub Team

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