Gold Sponsor

QFIVE95 is pleased to be sponsoring UK ICF’s The New Reality and, in particular, a day entitled Paradigm Shift. For that’s where we are right now – looking at the need for ‘a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions’.

UK ICF has demonstrated its ability to grasp a paradigm shift with this virtual conference.  A great achievement. Thank you to all of your team.  

Two years ago we sensed a slow shift of attitudes at many of the organisations we work with towards reducing the inconvenience and cost of travel for both coaching and training, as well as emerging concerns about environmental issues.

So, last year we decided to convert our ICF-accredited Coaching for Leadership Diploma programme to blended learning combining live Zoom video sessions with interactive communities using Fuse Universal’s social learning platform. Thank you universe for pointing us in that direction!

As around the globe societies, communities, families, friends and individuals cope with the enormous physical, financial and mental challenges that COVID-19 has thrown up, we coaches can play a significant role in navigating a way forward because our mindset is always focused on the art of the possible.

All of us at QFIVE95 would like to wish you success in meeting whatever challenges you are facing, and hope that this conference will provide reassurance, practical ideas and a sense of community to inspire and energise you.

Richard Bentley PCC
Director, QFIVE95


Click on the play button to view some videos looking at different aspects of the paradigm shift that current events are creating, as well as how being in a threat state can undermine coaching effectiveness.