The New Reality is here now

Be informed, inspired and prepared! There is no going back to the old normal. Listen to The New Reality podcast series, recapping the highlights of the UK ICF Online Conference 2020. An excellent way to get an overview of what each stream offered. Better still, buy the complete recordings covering four days of this exceptionally timely content. 

You are leading the way for how virtual conferences should be run.”

“I enjoyed every session of this conference – they are superb!”

“Ground breaking, highly relevant and fantastic content, I am blown away!”

2020 Conference Feedback

26 World Class Speakers

 Share their knowledge and expertise on our collective New Reality:

What we need to be thinking about, what matters now and how we prepare ourselves.

Health & Wellbeing

Sustain & Build


Paradigm Shift

Fulfilling Your Purpose on A Changing Planet

Dr Emily Grossman
The New Reality – Being Brave, Honest & Prepared

Fraser Murray
How is UK ICF for Orgs Supporting its Members in this Time of Crisis? ICF for Orgs Leadership Team
Coaching the Paradigm Shift

Charly Cox, PCC

If COVID 19 is the Canary in the Coal Mine and if so, what is it Telling us?

Dr Barbara Mariposa

The Rise of The Coaching Machines Claudia Babescu & Bill Britten
Coach Bot Rachel Bamber, PCC
Power of Coaching in Education: Case Study

Helen Morris, Louise Gohr & Dominic Curran
Modelling Coaching with True Alignment in a Chaotic World

Carole Gaskell

Resilience Not Endurance – Ready for the Challenges Ahead

Aboodi Shabi

Team Coaching – Getting Ready for The New Reality

Lucy Widdowson, PCC & Paul Barbour

A Jazzy Mindset to Innovate and Explore Creative Dimensions in Uncertainty Christine Paulus
Agility in an Uncertain World – Using Improvisation in Coaching
Julie Flower
Why Coaching Needs to Embrace an Inclusive Approach in Order to Grow in the 21st Century

Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey

De-Cluttering: Creating Space for a New Reality

Ingrid Pope, ACC

Trust in Unknowing – MCC Demo

Jenny Bird, MCC & Sarah Gornall, PCC

The New Reality: Collective Perspective
Panel: Sam Isaacson, John Welsh, Eleanor Winton. Moderator: Jozefa Fawcett


The in person conference was £380.00 to listen to up to five speakers of your choice.

 We are offering all of the digital conference recordings for just £80.00!